My $17,000 Nap

I have only been at this individual stock investing thing since about 2005 and 2006 when I started to take my finances more seriously.  I has gotten hitched to my spicy pepper pot, Mrs. Smidlap, in 2004 and gotten my best paying but shitty schedule soul sucking job as a QC chemical analyst job with BBC (Big Brother Corp).  Bottom line is that we now both had decent incomes and after I bought a bicycle we basically kept the same lifestyle and started fixing our dollars.  but what about the nap?  the $17k one?  

I’m getting to that, Smidlapper.  I came into 15 thousand clams as an early inheritance and we never spent a penny of that, contrary to the behaviors of my earlier life where it would have all gone to booze and Frisco Burgers at Denny’s.  Somehow, now we were a team (still a wine guzzling team, but a team) in my simple mind.  So instead of paying down my long ignored and 8% student loan debt from the 80’s (I know and don’t need to hear it), I opened us each a Roth IRA and put the balance into a taxable account.  I have been investing in individual stocks since that fateful day with varying degrees of success but this isn’t about that really.

In early 2014 I made a speculative investment (something I would not do now) in Plug Power (PLUG).  One of my ex-coworkers from the R+D job in the 90’s had worked for the for a while so at least I knew it was a real place trying to do something.  Well I must have taken a couple of thousand of my hard earned cheddar and bought some at around 2 bucks a share.  Well, there was a lot of activity and interest at the time in these alternative energy stocks (the make forklifts that run on fuel cells) and it started getting some coverage and I bought some more (more reckless and baseless maneuvering I wouldn’t do now).  I ended up with about 3000 shares total and within a month in March, 2014 I was watching CNBC with Mrs. S around 8am after another thankless 12 hour overnight shift (more on these kind of jobs in a future tirade).  PLUG is going crazy and parabolic.  I logged into the ol’ Ameritrade to watch it in the premarket and called MB to tell her what was going on.  I said our position was worth about 34 G’s and asked if she thought I should just put in a sell order and lock in the big win.  After a little huddle we decided to let it ride!  That’s also the name of the greatest horse racing movie ever, in case you doubted it.

Well, when you work long overnight hours you sleep during the day and MB went off the her day job as a mover and shaker.  I brought the computer to the night stand and went to sleep and woke up around noon and the damned shares were trading for 5 and a half bucks or roughly half of what they were 4 hours prior before the nap.  Doh!  I said some bad bad nasty words and sold the whole thing, still making a profit but 17 thousand bucks lighter.  So that’s how you too can take a 17,000 dollar nap.

But, you know how our lives changed that day?  They didn’t.  We still lived the same way with the same behaviors despite the numbers on the screen changing.  So, the way I see it, those numbers many of us chase don’t mean anything until you buy something with them.  It’s not that we don’t care but you learn to roll with that kind of thing and go on with living your life.  So when a chiseling sidewinder from Citron Research shorted SHOP last week and put out some muckraking “research” and we had a big position there that took a 20% dump we didn’t panic.  Keep calm and carry on, ya big Smidlapper.

Quote of the Day Life is a shit sandwich.  The more bread you have the less shit to have to eat.

Fitness:  Ran 3 treadmill miles at work today in 21:40 and the same yesterday.  Weighing in at 187 pounds of love.  I could wrestle the champ at this weight.  The Welsher, my rival, should know that I’m gunning for him

Feel free to blast away with any commentary.  As always, I can take it.

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