2018 Halftime Update – AKA Summer is Overrated

At least you have this in summer.  Home grown except for the pig and salmon.

Do you love summer?  I’m a spring and fall lover.

It’s not that I hate summer, I just seem to feel better when it’s not around.  Ms. Life Simply Frugal sums it up well here.  We went right from bitter April cold to hot as hell and humid to top it all off.  Being no dummy (as far as you know) I expect a certain amount of this every year but I swear it’s been hot and nasty about 6 straight weeks now.  Even Banjo! our beloved and mighty boxer dog doesn’t want to walk/run any more than two miles and that’s not doing much for our exercise regimen.

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The Other End Game – Gloom and Doom of Long Term Care

Queen Smidlap wrangles the chess queen to dominate the end game.

You saved 143% of your income and did everything right.  What happens when you get old?

I stated that I want to draw down 100% of our stock assets in retirement in What’s Your End Game? I’m Selling!  Now I’m fixin’ to explain why I want to work that strategy.  It all has to do with the outrageous cost of end of life care.

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How to Rock Travel In Oregon Wine Country

Those are premium tasting glasses

Wine is for everybody – some just don’t know it yet!

I know a lot of you Smidlappers are craft beer people and I respect that and also respect those who don’t drink alcohol but you can take this trip without drinking.  Hell, offer up your best designated driver services to me and Mrs. Smidlap and we’ll pay for your lunch!

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What’s Your End Game? I’m Selling!

Checkmate!  Freddy plays chess on a huge board at Zaca Mesa Winery

Money is useless until you use it to buy something.  

I hope to own zero stocks near my end of life (that includes index funds).  The reason we didn’t spend all the precious cash we generated from employment was to grow those funds but with the real intention to grow them and sell them.

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Fixing Up the House of Usher

Casa de Smidlap looks like the House of Usher to me.  You like my red and blue disco lights?

Nearing the hopeful big expense finish line

Have you ever wanted to own or just live in a big charming stone house like this one?  I did too and got lucky that my spicy pepper pot had already bought it when we met or I would have talked her out of it.

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Lessons From 38 Years of Running – Guest Post on KateNesi.com

It’s the beach!  Go and run around!

I always enjoy Kate’s wisdom and input on a variety of subjects and she describes herself as :  “I’m a wife, mom, podcaster, frugal finance writer, runner, photographer, and academic librarian!”  She was kind enough to let me post my thoughts and hers as we try and stay fit while life happens.

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Tax Savings and Weekend Activities


Original painting from the cocktail bar in Saratoga Springs where I met Mrs. Smidlap.

How was your weekend, Smidlapper?

That’s not a rhetorical question.  I really want to know.  Mine was pretty darned productive so I figured I would get all up in your grill with positivity today.  After last week’s rant about how your former favorite ice cream now sucks all three of my readers will welcome the change.

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Brands Break Bad: It’s a Quality Flim-Flam or Bait and Switch!

They can’t even call this crap ice cream any longer.

Is it a Flim-Flam or a Bait and Switch?  It’s both and I’m Fired Up!

It all started when I was eating some Turkey Hill Butter Pecan ice cream last night.  I got to thinking, hey this is pretty good ice cream.  It tasted like the stuff I had as a kid in the 70’s and 80’s.

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