Day 1

Welcome Smidlapper,

My little family of 3, myself, Mrs. Smidlap, and our trusty pooch, Banjo! Smidlap achieved something of a milestone towards financial independence this year.  I also hadn’t learned anything meaningful or fun in some time so I thought I would try sharing how we did what we did and why.  Things you might see if this turns out to be fun and entertaining:

  • Money matters like some investing philosophy and simplification of our lives and the struggles (past and present) around that
  • Our mistakes – maybe you won’t make the same or have made the same and that’s always worth a few laughs.  (remember when I bought that rusty Mercedes money pit?)
  • Our fun and successful travels and relationships – and some that sucked moose pud
  • Thoughts and opinions on stuff we like – we like dogs, wine, and wine…. and New Orleans

This will not be my first retirement.  About 20 years ago, around age 31,  I quit my first decent paying real job and moved to New Orleans at the urging of my good friend Mr. Pipps.  Well, I had been to NOLA in the past for a couple of Jazz Festivals and a couple of work trips in Bayou Lafourche in my work as an R+D chemist.  This, however, took some semi-titanium cajones to pack up  and leave safety and security behind.  So this little retirement was the best decision I ever made.  I worked in a couple of hotel bars and a dive, all in the French Quarter, played golf for about 6 bucks a round and ate and drank and carried on with the crazies.  At the end of my 2 year I had only driven my little truck about 1500 miles and felt like a hadn’t worked a day.  So right now we’re trying to figure out how to enjoy the next retirement as much as the first one.

So stay tuned for some great stuff to read at work when you should be working and productive for THE MAN.


Oh, and feel free to sign up and or chuck a comment my way.  Go ahead and blast away!  I can take it.

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