Why I made my own site

Mighty Smidlappers:

I know you were wondering (or not) why this nutter Fred would think anyone would want to read these ramblings.  Part one of the reason is for my own accountability.  You see, I just uncovered a piece of paper from a family meeting (just Mrs. Smidlap and myself in attendance) from 2009.  On that paper were some debts like our mortgage balance, student loan balance, car loan and a little credit card.  Well around this same time I was feeling like a wage slave as a union worker in the Big Brother Corp. chemical plant where I was making a dying.  In the 8 years since then we have managed to wipe out all of that debt, owning all of our stuff except for a little car loan (with interest of 2 dollars a month).  Hooray for us, right?  Well, the getting there was full of plenty of oh-shits as well well as atta-boys.  We built up a good nest egg with some fits and starts and I think we could just about call it quits from the rat race soon.  The accountability part I mentioned?  There were some semi simple line items on a do-list from 2009 that we haven’t finished in the 8 years since.  We don’t have a last will, completed beneficiary forms, a sealed driveway or replaced moldings in our bedroom of the 1860 monster house we own.

So I thought I would start just listing these items and successes and failures where I could pay attention to them more closely.  After all, only a knucklehead or shitbird couldn’t manage to get a driveway sealed given 8 years to complete this 1 day task.

What is something you just can’t seem to get a start on?

Part deux of why I’m doing this is that somebody might read some of this and avoid a big mistake or follow up a success or just be entertained or nauseated.  Just chug on over to Smidlapland and it’s all free.

Lastly, I used to post some opinions and comments on a poplular social network but that platform grew tiresome so I cut it all down to a dozen “friends” from several hundred.  I was thankful for many kind comments that said they would miss my abrasive sarcasm and observations.  So I thought, “just let those dubs know that if they miss any of the so-called ‘content’ or entertainment i provided, it can now be found here.”  So maybe you all will help a brother out and I can get 10,000 comments a week and quit my job just to do this… or it might be just me, myself and my list of unstarted tasks.

This week I am hoping to:

  • Sell one item from our house, or at least list one.  I’ve never sold anything on ebay so getting started is a high hump for the Smidlap family.  We are really trying to decrease the junk in our massive house (2800 square feet of living space with the equivalent or the same for an attic and basement here in Buffalo, NY).  So that’s over 5000 feet of floor space and I swear the joint is f-u-l-l with a capital f-u.  I really want the largest items gone first and that means the drumset that I don’t know how to play.  I’m thinking this will bring the most dollars bang for our time.
  • Decrease the 7 years worth of mail in the dining room.  I was just reading an article that suggested trying to just do something one percent better this week, so I’ll be starting there, at the very least taking care not to let this weeks’s mail build up.
  • Help Mrs. Smidlap empty her attic studio.  Did you know Mrs. me was a painter?  Her work is here :  marybegley.com.  Well, the big and expensive news is that we’re getting a new roof this fall and renovating the attic studio with insulation and hopefully drywall if there is money left in the budget.  Well, it turns out that when you have a total roof tear-off you must empty the space below of anything of value, which includes all of the art work and stuff to make the fabulous art.  So I am hoping to spend at least a couple of hours walking items down the treacherous attic stairs.  This is a tough one for a naturally lazy s.o.b. like me.
  • Drink some wine.  I’ll need it.

Best thing I did last week:

  • Stopped reading the shitty yahoo front page.  Also reduced consumption of most links people shared on a popular social network.  I read about it here: http://www.mrmoneymustache.com/2013/10/01/the-low-information-diet/ and feel better having reduced that junk to near zero.

What was the best thing you did last week?  Rubbing one out doesn’t count.

There you have it.  Feel free to blast away with questions or comments.  I can take it.


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