Would You Watch a Comedy About a Person Who Discovers FI and Frugal Living and Springs It on the Family?

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Waddup, G?

I’ve been doing a lot or blog reading around the personal finance and frugality realms the past few months.  A lot of the content is really good and well written and pretty entertaining.

Well, I was reading a post that said something like “would you watch a show on FI/RE?”  and some people replied they would and some said it would be too boring, etc.  My big idea came when I thought people might watch it if it was done as a madcap zany comedy!  Picture some Goofball like Kevin James from King of Queens or Seth Rogan as Mr. Irresponsible, with the usual suburban set-up where they’re drowning in debt despite the appearance of making a good living.  What if Mrs. Irresponsible, the matriarch of this family of 4 with their finances secretly all poon tanged up starts reading these same blogs and joins the community and decides to do something about it?!  darn it!

I can picture it now:  Mrs. I does a ton of reading and starts commenting and it all gains momentum and she starts her own blog to start making the changes.  Pretty soon the thermostat is down to 56 degrees in the middle of winter and Mr. Irresponsible can about see his breath as he eats his dinner of black beans with a glass of water on the side when a week ago it was seared tuna with chardonnay at his favorite restaurant!  I’m rolling around laughing my ‘nads off just thinking about it.

Oh, wait, there’s more.  She starts selling all his sentimental crap in order to downsize houses and reduce debt, but Mr. I is having none of it!  So, that’s the initial idea.  Now I just need some big baller like Steve at Think Save Retire to help me get it off the ground.  I doubt that will happen because nobody ever reads this damned stuff but you heard the idea here first!  12-22-2017.

What do you think?  I’ve got more scenes in mind and I think it could make 97 minutes of pure fun.  I’ve noticed one thing in the reading I’ve done around this subject is that some of it is 100% serious.  I think a community that can laugh at itself or anyone who can laugh at themselves is better off.  It could be like a modern day version of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell in Overboard.

What Else is New in Smidlap Land?

  • The selling is going very well.  It’s crazy at almost 50 years old how much shit you accumulate.  It is very daunting once you get started.  I would say we’re sold about 70 items on our Ebay but it might be time to balance this with a bunch of throwing stuff away too.  There is a fine line between getting money for that Walter Payton rookie card and wanting all the worthless cards gone.
  • It’s Christmas time, so Merry Christmas, you hosers.  We’re travelling across snowy New York to Saratoga to see some family so that is usually fun.
  • Mrs. Smidlap had some pretty good success in a couple of art sales so between that and the Ebay we haven’t really noticed her lack of a traditional J.O.B.  Turns out they are overrated.

How was your December?  Blast away in the comments and let me have it.  I can take it.  Oh, and here’s another on of the dog.

This is Banjo!. He knows all, tells all, smells all.





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