Investing in Things I Loathe

I definitely did not loathe this dog!  His name was Bubsy.  There are plenty of good blogs with no gratuitous dog pictures.

I’m kind of an atavistic type.  That’s a favorite word of the legendary Hunter S. Thompson, go and get Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas from your library if you have never read it.  Loosely, it’s an adjective describing characteristics that are a throwback to an earlier age or era.  That’s partly how I come to loath certain parts of modern “progress.”  Now, this is not a judgement of anyone who uses or loves certain products or services that I find useless and repulsive.  I embrace it as part of what makes us all unique in values and actions.  You’re likely to find some of my favorite activities and products extremely jack-asstic.  Over the years as we run along the yellow brick road to independence I have developed almost a physical aversion to things like advertising and marketing, Continue reading “Investing in Things I Loathe”

Your Retirement Assets are Protected

It’s been a rough cold winter for this guy in Buffalo.

Before You or Your Friends or Relatives Tap that 401k to Pay Bills, Push Pause for a Moment.

I’ve been wanting to address this subject for awhile now as I have seen firsthand what I believe were bad money moves made by a couple of friends the past 10 years.  I know most of you reading this will likely have a fully funded emergency fund that could get you through a few months of hardship like an illness or job loss or natural disaster.  The people reading blogs like this generally have their shit together (in matters of money, at least). Continue reading “Your Retirement Assets are Protected”