Don’t Be Like Ivan Osokin


My Liver by Mary Begley

Who in the hell is Ivan Osokin?

Ivan is the protagonist in a 1915 Russian novel by PD Ouspensky.  He was a royal screw up from age 12 when he was kicked out of boarding school for a bunch of silly pranks and continued that path into his 20’s, botching up everything he touched.  That included losing a fortune and later losting his girl.  In the novel he is contemplating suicide but a magician offers him a chance to go back to age 12 knowing all the mistakes he has made but warns that he will make the same poor choices he made the first time around.   Continue reading “Don’t Be Like Ivan Osokin”

We Do It Without The Buzzwords

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Fred isn’t much of a joiner.

“I don’t care to belong to any club that would have me as a member” – Groucho Marx

I read a lot of good financial independence/ early retirement writings.  The best ones tell a story of trying to get a place via many different but similar paths with enough personal style and detail to hold our interest and give the narrative a little hot spicy love. Continue reading “We Do It Without The Buzzwords”