I Made Some Portfolio Moves

I bought more shares of Fiserve (FISV) and doubled my stake

“The Company provides integrated information management systems and services, including transaction processing, business process outsourcing, document distribution services, and software and systems solutions.”  That’s from the Motley Fool website, although they don’t have any recommendation on the stock.

I funded the first chunk of my Roth IRA yesterday which always give me my jollies since that means I get to do some buying of my beloved individual stocks!  Sure I could have bought the QQQ and continue QQQ vs. VTSAX: The Battle Continues, but I wanted to do this more.  I have doubled my money on this stock and it has tripled in the past 5 years.  I love the thesis that electronic payment industry is only going to grow from here and they are in the dominant position to take advantage of the shift.  They make plenty of money and look at the chart in the photo above.  It’s a slow and steady crawl from bottom left to top right without too many violent moves to the upside or downside.  I also think they make enough money so they could initiate a dividend at some point in the near future along with other payment processor companies like PayPal.  The world is moving away from cash and I want to participate in the switch.

I also bought some Twilio shares (TWLO) which aids developers in embedding things like video, voice, and messaging into applications.  I only initiated a position on the small side for this one as they’re relatively young as a public company and have had a helluva run so far.  This one carries a little more risk in my opinion but do you think application development is going away any time soon?

To fund these buys I sold my Dunkin’ Donuts (DNKN) and Universal Display (OLED) shares at a small profit.  I thought it was worth it to add to my bigger winner and try out a new position.  What do you Smidlappers think?  Do I have rocks in my head?  Have you ever heard of a Roth IRA and about its tax-free gift to America?

Oh, and as a reward for reading this flummery I’ll give you a picture of Banjo!

This jughead thinks I should have held the Dunkin’ Donuts shares.


8 Replies to “I Made Some Portfolio Moves”

  1. I completely agree that neither app development nor digital payments are going anywhere. Having said that I agree with Dave and Adam about vicarious living. Good luck!

    In other news, I went to the world’s worst Dunkin Donuts last week in California. It made me sad. And I’m starting to think that the Dunkin expansion west was a bad move.

  2. Interesting. I will check it out. But I’m a dividend investor these days. That’s way easier for me to handle. We added to our Roth too, but it’s just sitting in the money market fund right now.

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