This sums up my early life From the Wrong Side of the Tracks to Financial Independence

The Smidlap Tribe has taken an interesting path to where we are today.  At least it’s been interesting to some.  It’s been a homemade fly by the seat of your pants journey to financial independence with plenty of entertaining party times and plenty of f’ups too.  I’m a chemist who had enough of working for the Man about 10 years ago and Mrs. Smidlap is an abstract expressionist painter who made money managing a record label the past 22 years until April, 2017 when that went belly up.  Oh, and we love dogs so you’ll see plenty of gratuitous dog photos.  I hope sincerely you find some value in my bullshit or at least see some of the humor in this babble.

I have a little different take on living in this world.  It was never so much encouraged but I have never much cared about the outward appearance of my actions to the rest of the world.  It must be some independent spirit that comes from nature and not nurture.  I think what drives us towards financial independence is a general sense of independence.  I have always questioned authority and conventional wisdom, sometimes out loud.  It takes an open mind and independent thinking to live your best life, if you ask me.  We don’t live the most frugal in my house by outrageous internet standards.  We bought our cars new and drive them until the wheels fall off.  We like good food and wine but cook 99% of it at home and rarely spend time in bars or restaurants.  It’s all about the balance in the sense that with finite income you can afford a lot but need to prioritize spending.  In other words, by buying good wine we have to realize that annual trip to Tahiti probably isn’t going to happen.

We got here by saving more than the average amount from when we had two incomes.  The Roth IRA has been a good friend and I’m glad I learned so much about saving and investing that it’s like a native language now.  What you will not find here is much in the way of finance basics as that has all been covered on this internet as nauseum.  You will find my take on our strategies on living our lives as we get closer to retirement from traditional jobs.  I turned 50 in 2018 and we likely have invested well enough to retire now on a bare-bones budget.  I would consider stopping but my present job is close to home with very reasonable hours and a good boss.  The other reason I stay is that I don’t presently know what I would do with 24/7 free time.  I’ll be exploring that too.  Anyhow, thanks for visiting.  Feel free to contact me in the comments with any questions or use the contact me form to send an email.

p.s.  I hate the words actually and amazing.  They’re overused in this day and age and just now sound like limited vocabulary.  See how I let off some steam right there?  It keeps it from building up and leading to a heart attack.  You gotta let it out.

We like dogs too.  This is the Adirondack High Peak Region in NY State.

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