Lessons Learned from our 1st 6 Months Selling on eBay

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This original promo photo of Sheriff Bart can be yours for a low, low price

We first started all this around October, 2017 in a dual effort to douche from our lives a heap of good stuff and junk that took many years to accumulate.  We also wanted to replace some income since we had gone from two incomes to one several months earlier.  These are some of the lessons we learned. Continue reading “Lessons Learned from our 1st 6 Months Selling on eBay”

The Silver Lining of a Late Start to Financial Independence

Freddy and Mrs. Smidlap tearing up Bourbon Street

Sure, we made some mistakes along the way

A couple of months ago I posted here about how we made a few mistakes on the Yellow Brick Road to freeing ourselves from the shackles of full time employment.  This involved a bit of a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, some questionable financial moves like cashing out some small 401k’s combined with a little equine enthusiasm (horse gambling!). Continue reading “The Silver Lining of a Late Start to Financial Independence”

So, you like the idea of owning a big old f’ing house?

The Smidlap Estate in Full Bloom with Freddy and Bubsy

welcome, Smidlapper, to the mostly lower case (e.e. cummings) version of my babble.  this is an update of a post from 2017.  the updates are at the end.  some day, i’ll add the capital letters, but not today.

you might want to consider cost of ownership regarding repairs on the old beast before they arise.  i think i mentioned mrs. smidlap bought this monster house before we met and we generally love and appreciate living here and doing what we like with it.  hell, we might even retire and keep it as a rental property, who knows?  i just wanted to touch on the home maintenance bucket of your regular split of your income. Continue reading “So, you like the idea of owning a big old f’ing house?”

Are You Working for “Needs” Money or “Wants” Money?

Freddy with his friends at Bayona in New Orleans

Sometimes You Want to Do Something Special

I have been fortunate in life to have a few special splurges and last week we went to New Orleans to celebrate turning fiddy!  We were also lucky to be joined by old friends in that special place, some who came from out of town and were able to go out for a few nice meals and some debauchery on many levels. Continue reading “Are You Working for “Needs” Money or “Wants” Money?”

Freddy is Honest, Capable, and Fearless. What Can That do for You?

Saratoga State Park and Banjo!  He’s fearless but only slightly capable.

I’ll Start with a Little Work Story

About 10 years ago, way before my little family of 2 were anywhere near this whole financial independence milestone, I had a conversation with one of the shift supervisors in the middle of the night and probably on a weekend. Continue reading “Freddy is Honest, Capable, and Fearless. What Can That do for You?”

Don’t Be Like Ivan Osokin


My Liver by Mary Begley

Who in the hell is Ivan Osokin?

Ivan is the protagonist in a 1915 Russian novel by PD Ouspensky.  He was a royal screw up from age 12 when he was kicked out of boarding school for a bunch of silly pranks and continued that path into his 20’s, botching up everything he touched.  That included losing a fortune and later losting his girl.  In the novel he is contemplating suicide but a magician offers him a chance to go back to age 12 knowing all the mistakes he has made but warns that he will make the same poor choices he made the first time around.   Continue reading “Don’t Be Like Ivan Osokin”

Financial Success With a Rock’n’Roll Lifestyle? Hell Yeah!

Think the author was thinking of his Roth IRA on this day in the 90’s?

Did You Think to Get Your Financial Shit Together Your Life Must Be Boring?

That photo above probably looks like a train wreck to a lot of people.  Look at all those degenerates and reprobates. Continue reading “Financial Success With a Rock’n’Roll Lifestyle? Hell Yeah!”

We Do It Without The Buzzwords

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Fred isn’t much of a joiner.

“I don’t care to belong to any club that would have me as a member” – Groucho Marx

I read a lot of good financial independence/ early retirement writings.  The best ones tell a story of trying to get a place via many different but similar paths with enough personal style and detail to hold our interest and give the narrative a little hot spicy love. Continue reading “We Do It Without The Buzzwords”